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Gm Hei Coil Wiring Terminals - Connect the White wire on the magnetic pickup coil to the [W] terminal on the module. Connect the Black wire on the magnetic pickup coil to the [ G ] terminal on the module. NOTE: Due to electrical polarity of certain magnetic pickup coils, it may be necessary to connect these two wires one way or the other so the engine will accelerate.. We wired the HEI module and coil according to the schematic, grounded the steel plate, the HEI mounting plate, and the distributor all to a 12-volt battery, and spun the distributor to create a hot spark right off the coil wire.. Chevy HEI Ignition System Kit; Small Block Chevy Includes: MSD Pro-Billet Distributor 121-8365 ; JEGS Billet Distributor Hold-Down Clamp 555-40620.

HEI Conversions By Al Campion, So you have decided to convert to an HEI distributor. Here is the long and short of it. The short of it: Just remove the existing point distributor and coil and install the new HEI distributor.. The GM HEI distributor's springs can be replaced with three different weights of springs that, in effect, allow the advance at lower rpm. The ignition coil is housed in the distributor cap, which makes the GM HEI distributor a very efficient, self-contained unit.. General Motors engine compartment connectors. Replaces existing original equipment electrical connectors, sockets, and harnesses..

based on the GM HEI module will allow you to get a Notes on wiring for a "points" distributor; There are normally two wires on the "+" terminal on the coil. One is the "resistance" power wire. The other is a wire that supplies power from the starter This wire goes to the terminal marked "BAT" or “B+” on the distribu-tor cap. I’m. The General Motors/Delco-Remy High Energy Ignition (HEI) system is breakerless, pulse-triggered, transistor-controlled, inductive discharge ignition system. HEI System Testers. If the cap was removed, you may also use a blunt drift to press the coil wire spade terminals up out of the distributor cap. Lift the coil up out of the. The factory position of the #1 terminal on HEI distributors in Chevy V8 engines is the 2nd terminal away (going clockwise) from the "snout" on the side of the cap. Install the new HEI cap, coil, and coil cover. Plug the 3-wire connector from the distributor body into the "snout" on the side of the distributor cap. Plug your new +12V.

(A) HEI large cap with integral coil (B) HEI small cap-remote coil V6 and V8 engines (C) HEI small cap-remote coil 4 cylinder engines. HALL EFFECT THEORY AND OPERATION Some engine use a hall effect switch, which used used in place of the reference terminal on the HEI module.. I left the two wire connected to hei module. placed spark testor between coil and distributor, cranked engine, No spark. then placed spark testor between #1 plug and #1 wire, cranked engine, no spark. Replaced ign/tach plug, unplugged two wire from distributor, voltage reading= 11.89.. Toggle navigation Community Chevy Automotive Sales Inc. Hei Connector : Hei Distributor Connector Hei Conversion Pigtailsbcbbcbatterytach 6.90 Best Dual Pigtail Wire Harness Connector Gm Hei Coil In Cap Distributor 170072 4.64 View Item Details A-team Hei Distributor Wire Harness Pigtail Dual 12v Power And Tach Connector.

Ignition Coil Small Cap HEI Connector Pigtail - Black for GM TBI TPI LT1 and other Small Cap HEI systems. TPI, and early LT1 coils. Only one wire is used with early LT1 applications. Associated Items. Part # Description Min Qty Price Qty; 100-00445: Ignition Coil Small Cap HEI Connector Pigtail - Gray for GM TBI TPI LT1 and other Small Cap. Performance Pick Up Coil 44.00 Part# M828 HEI Wire Connector Set $10.00 Part# M806 Vacuum Eliminator $8.00 : Part# M814 Steel melonized Drive Gear V8 HEI PARTS : Part No. Description: Price: 500-0° NO1 SELLER: Chevy V8 0.

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