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Gm External Voltage Regulator Wiring - Feb 27, 2016  · I'm not clear on how the stock external voltage regulator plays into the wiring of this upgrade. I have a Trail Gear GM alternator bracket for Toyotas and an Autozone DL1352-1-11 alternator, for a 90s Chevy K3500 diesel.. The tan wire you asked about is the generator field control so it will have a pulsed voltage signal to tell the regulator how much current to allow through the field coil of the alternator. If you measure with a meter you will see a portion of battery voltage.. Jul 06, 2018  · Eliminate GM Voltage Regulator & Convert to 1-Wire Alternator? Hello everyone. I'm working on a 1972 Olds Cutlass with a 350 Olds. I'm doing a Sniper conversion and I'm looking to upgrade the alternator as well. Is it worthwhile bypassing the external voltage regulator, and upgrading to a internally regulated alternator?.

Original GM wiring schematics”. MUSCLECAR ENTHUSIAST MAGAZINE. Alternator Conversion Kits Alternator Conversion Kit External to “SI” Type Internal Disconnect the external voltage regulator leads and plug our “Special Regulator Adapter” into the voltage regulator lead wires. 2) Disconnect the alternator lead wires.. Sep 15, 2009  · Drop your regulater and hook the chargeing wire from the alternator to the wire that landed on the battery terminal of the voltage regulator. or you can just run a wire to the positive post of the battery and accompllish the same purpose.. if in doubt, a ground wire can be installed from the alternator case ground bolt to a good chassis ground. 6. UNPLUG THE 4 PLACE CONNECTOR FROM THE EXTERNAL VOLTAGE REGULATOR AND PLUG IT INTO THE SUPPLIED REGULATOR JUMPER CONNECTOR..

Voltage readings on red, brown and blue wire at regulator with engine off, key on. 4. Voltage readings on red, brown and blue wire at regulator with engine running at a fast ideal 1400 rpm.. REGULATOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR B INSULATORS MOLDED INSULATORS CONNECTOR STRAP 1. QUICK CHECK METHOD—I n sert screw- (See Delco-Remy Service Bulletin IR-180 and IR-185 for specifications) The cutout relay and voltage regulator on the wiring diagram, Figure 3, will show that regulation begins. The process of supplying battery voltage to "kick-start" or "prime" the alternator is known as "exciting" the alternator, and the wire that carries the current from the alternator warning lamp to the appropriate voltage regulator terminal is known as the "exciter" wire..

The beauty of this is that it eliminates those extra, messy wires going to the external voltage regulator. – Bud Riser Generally, they recommend an 8-gauge wire for our 100 amp alternators and step up to a 6-gauge if the battery is in the trunk so there is no power loss.. Nov 21, 2018  · Voltage regulator wiring diagram in addition alternator together with delco remy distributor parts diagram wiring in addition external parts of a car furthermore voltmeter ammeter wiring schematic further 01 jaguar s type radio wiring diagram further emergency lighting inverter wiring diagram as well as wiring diagram for a two wire alternator. Just as the name implies, the voltage regulator regulates the alternator voltage output to a safe amount. A properly working regulator prevents excessive voltage from burning out wiring, bulbs, or contact points, and prevents overcharging of the battery..

A voltage regulator is designed to limit the voltage output of an alternator to 14.5 volts or less to protect the vehicle's electrical system. If the regulator malfunctions and allows uncontrolled voltage to be released, you will see bulbs and other electrical components begin to fail.. Afterward, the stock external voltage regulator can be discarded. Here we installed the new 8-gauge wire (supplied) from the horn relay to the charging wire stud on the back of the new 10SI/12SI.

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